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Ceramics is a rather complicated process. Part chemistry. Part alchemy. Just as soon as you think you know what to expect, you open the kiln to a great big surprise. Sometimes those surprises are beautiful. Sometimes they are annoying, so it’s important we plan ahead assuming the unknown in order for a successful (and timely) collaboration.



I’m pretty sure everyone knows this step. It’s muddy and fabulous. The therapeutic feeling of the spinning wheel is what got me hooked in the first place. And if you are too young to have ever seen Ghost, click here and the way you view this first step of wheel-thrown ceramics will never be the same.

Time Needed for Creation:

1 week



Here are where all the steps start accruing time. In Chicago, it typically takes up to a week for pieces to naturally dry enough to be ready for trimming.¬† In the summer, this might be longer because of humidity. Trimming is done at the “leather hard” state and allows for further refinement of the shape.

Time Needed for Creation:

Minimum 1 week



After trimming, we wait for the piece to be “bone dry.” Then it goes into the kiln for the first time, coming out as what is called “bisqueware.” At this point, it is hard and can never become mud again. It is finally ready to be glazed! After glazing, it will go BACK in the kiln a second time in order to be complete.

Time Needed for Creation:

1 week

So how long does it take?

While it would seem that we should account for 3 weeks, based upon the steps above, I also work out of a shared studio. AKA I have no control over the kiln schedule. For 1 custom piece, I ask for a minimum of 5 weeks notice. For larger scale event production and wholesale orders, it will depend upon the number of pieces, but a minimum of 3 months is a safe estimate.

Is it Food/microwave/dishwasher safe?


How can I order something?

I’m excited to learn more about what ideas you have! Interestingly enough, I find most ceramicists do not enjoy custom orders. Because I live in a small condo in Chicago and don’t have room to store any sizeable inventory, the majority of my work is actually commissioned orders. Just please don’t forget to note the timing we factor in for these pieces (see first question). Fill out the contact form on the contact page with any and all ideas you have, and I’ll respond within 3 business days to keep the ball rolling!

If you are looking for a singular piece that is immediately ready to ship, please click here.

What colors do pieces come in?

I am constantly experimenting with new glazes, so if you have a favorite color in mind for an order, don’t hesitate to send me an email and ask! My favorite glaze combinations typically have some type of texture or multi-dimensional color to them. Check out my Instagram for the newest colors of items or the Portfolio for my favorite tried & trues.

Where will you ship to?

Anywhere! Although, shipping comes with it’s own set of risks so if we are going outside of the continental U.S. I would highly suggest we allow for even more time in the event we need to resend any pieces. All pieces are shipped with basic insurance through UPS and shipping will be calculated separately from the listed prices based upon the size of each piece.


All sizing is approximate¬† to the 0.25″ and sets, while always cohesive, will naturally have some small variances. After all, it’s handmade! Part of the beauty of handmade ceramics is feeling the “hand of the maker” with each piece you hold. For dishware, I always take into consideration the need for items to stack together in cabinets but if you are looking for perfectly identical pieces down to the centimeter, ceramics made from molds is your best solution.